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How to Avoid Probate for Everyone (2020)

CONTACT ME NOW  NOW AVAILABLE       Serpent's Tongue Fab review of Serpent's Tongue:   In Serpent's Tongue, author R.F. Sharp delivers an extremely well written story filled with mystery and populated by characters who spring to life on every page. Sharp blends fact with fiction so well that readers won't be sure where one leaves off and the other begins. The opening scene is powerful with a hook in the very first paragraph.  I believe that this series will be immensely successful if this is any indication of the author's writing.* SEQUEL TO NO REGRETS NO REMORSE  Now available ORDER SERPENT'S TONGUE HERE FROM AMAZON: BOOK OR KINDLE R.F. SHARP, Winner of the first Discover Mystery Award hits a home run with the continuing saga of Sydney Simone in this highly unique mystery - suspense novel. MacGyver meets Dexter in the guise of Sydney Simone, contract killer and righter of wrongs. When the system fails to provide justice, Sydney steps in--for a price. The call for a contract hit on Earl the Cannibal came through Sydney’s website, HumanPestControl.com. Taking out Earl, a child killer who had been wrongfully acquitted of horrific crimes was almost a public service--so she did it. But that wasn’t the end. A week later she was called upon to eliminate a notorious con-man. Both hits fit her standards of bringing justice to those whom the system had failed. Apparent accidental death is Sydney’s preferred method of killing, and the authorities buy that explanation--at first. Sydney thinks her work is done and settles back into her routine, running the Rose Madder Gallery with her partner/possible future husband, Oscar. But her life is soon turned upside down. The press ties both killings to the murder of a teenage boy. A police task force is created to track down what they call the Bible-Rose serial killer. Sydney is being framed. The first two killings were paid for by Pastor Luke Anger, a snake-handling revivalist preacher with nasty habits involving children. Convinced that Pastor Luke is using her as a serial-killer surrogate to cover up his own crime, Sydney must find a way to bring Luke to justice and keep herself out of the eyes of the authorities.  It's a fight or flight situation and Sydney never flees. *Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards >

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